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This is Spotsy. As you can imagine, when she came into PALS, she was a bit of a mess...

A Happy Tails Story for You

Meet Spotsy!

Lisa Ferman of PALS asked me to tell our story of adopting Spotsy. My husband and I travel a lot for his work and I spend a lot of time by myself when he's working long hours and all of our children are grown and living their own lives. He suggested that we get a dog for company...I on the other hand was not convinced we needed to do that at this point in our lives, but I agreed to go look at the shelters.

We visited PALS Animal Rescue in McComb, MS on a Sunday afternoon and looked around but not really seeing a dog with which we made any sort of a connection. At the last minute, the shelter worker named Ernie stopped us and said he had a pit that we might want to have a look at so we followed him to Spotsy's kennel. He was lying leisurely in a little swimming pool as if he didn't have a care in the world. From the moment I saw his eyes, though, I could not get Spotsy out of my mind. We visited with him for a few minutes and left.

Over the next couple of days, my husband and I visited other shelters but I couldn't get Spotsy out of my mind. so when we went back to visit him again, I knew the feelings were mutual. As soon as he saw us at his kennel, he walked out as if to say, "I claim you!" This was all it took: we wanted Spotsy to come home with us.

From the moment he left PALS Spotsy has been family. This little man has overcome so much in his young life. He had suffered from neglect and abuse and although he can't verbally tell people what he had been through, his injuries told much of his story. He had a broken hip, numerous bite and puncture wounds, he was very thin and had only spots of hair due to a skin infection. Following medical treatment including a very tough hip surgery, Spotsy is completely healed (I believe physically and emotionally). He wakes up every morning with such a grateful attitude...he truly seems to be saying, "I'm so glad I'm here!" 

I can't imagine life without him. I urge people everyday to give rescue animals a chance...they truly deserve it. WE are so grateful to have an organization like PALS in our area. They saved our Spotsy's life and we will forever be grateful. 

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